Web Design and Its Importance

10 Grave Mistakes in Web Designing
February 2, 2018

As the Internet is growing popularity, the importance of web designing is also increasing. Today websites are very different than what it was used to be. Remember in the 90s when the website was primitive and looked somewhat “ugly”? Well, you can’t really blame them because the technology was also primitive and the designers used to flourish in whatever limitations they might have.

But today, it has become an essential factor in creating a site. If your presentation isn’t attractive, no one will stay on your site for too long unless you are providing some content which is unique to you and people can’t find it elsewhere. But a chance of that happening is very slim.

That’s why you need a sound designer while creating a site. It’s not only about aesthetic value but today; design us more about usability than eye pleasure which means, if you are trying to incorporate flashy animations with the transition and other jewelry, more or less, people will find it annoying.

Today, people want information. And they want it fast and as soon as possible. Just look at Google. The home page is nothing but the logo and a form to fill up the query or the term which you will search. But it is probably one of the most visited sites in the whole Internet spectrum, 6rs mentioned this in their blog. (A web design Essex agency based near London.)

Initially, people opted for such simple site because it was easy to use. Navigation in a web design is simple and people don’t need to put an effort in finding out the results that they want because it is just right out there.

Thus web design has come a long way since the beginning of Internet. Today you’ll hear terms like clean interface. It simply means they are non-obtrusive and will show the content directly with the focus on the content rather than some sparkling banners like that used to be in the 90s.

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