March 2, 2018
Want to learn web designing fundamentals? Initiate here!
June 17, 2018

To know about the web page design you must know what is a web page? A web page is a readable document that is obtainable through internet or others internet browser. It is written in HyperText Markup Language. A web page contains text, graphics, and files. Web pages were first created by Tim Burners-Lee on Aug 6, 1991, at CERN. Now website Design means creation &planning for updating websites. We make a website for much information about the particular topic given and we designed a website to attract people at this point which are our main intention and to highlight the reason for that page.

How to design a web page: 

To design a web page you will have to follow some easy step.

  • Create a page layout design – The first stage generates a picture based on which the design is to be created. Suppose you want to create a website for your school and create an image of that website. Majority of the background page layout and its designs are done in Adobe Photoshop and the file generated is .psd file.
  • How to transfer PSD file to the website – In this step, the created layout image in the .psd format is translated into the basic & background structure of the web page. This is a part of web designing and it can be called static web design. In this step that image will convert in coding.
  • Unwanted Usage of Illustration: Extreme use of anything never fits the criteria. In case of flash animations or videos to overusing it hampers the process. The primary fault will be about the loading speed, a thin network connection or a slow device will not be able to handle a page like that.
  • Fewer Banner Advertisements: Banners or advertisements are the part of the illustrations. But in majority cases, most of the images borrow outer links of another webpage. This causes an unwise redirection of websites and often users get bored in the action.
  • The Important Key is Navigation: A navigation system of a website is the best effective part overall. May the graphical entities lack and the poor look as well, but a direction and its functioning must be very brief on any site.
  • Never Copy Codes: Sometimes errors come up while compiling or running a program. If an amateur coder copies it from somewhere else he will naturally waste his time to fix that. Besides of wasting time, genuinely of the product will not valid this process.

Techniques of web design

Web designing is neither a product nor a method to be processed and finished soon, it’s a complete solution of branding & business that requires several techniques, procedures, languages & data in details. Of them, some noteworthy are mentioned here.

  • Marketing and communication

A marketing website is designed to identify the target of the market.

  • User experience

How well a user makes out how they can communicate on a site? This is a part of user experience about design. Websites should be of easy navigable, mapped & networked web pages with light & user-friendly interface.

  • Coding quality

Web design totally depends on coding quality. There are websites more than hundreds & thousands of lines being coded. Websites with more complex design require hardcore coding.

  • Page layout

Page layout is a part of graphic design that deals with the arrangements of the element in the web page. The high-level page layout involves arrangements of text, image, size, shape etc.


Types of web design:

There are different categories & types of web design but mostly & broadly they are classified into two categories.

      • Static web design
      • Dynamic web design

Static web design

It gives a fixed width to present sites. Static web design is light on code so it can load faster than another website. It cost is less than dynamic.

Dynamic web design

Dynamic design depending on customer’s design that it can be simple or complex. You can create Dynamic web design such as JavaScript, open source etc. It is easy to manage content with the help of CMS (Content Management System).


By using right tools web page can become attractive. To maintain the pages that we have created with inertness our page would load faster and standard. By using standard tools to design web page our visitors are able to view our web pages no matter what web browser they use.

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