10 Grave Mistakes in Web Designing

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June 26, 2017
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February 5, 2018

Listed here are the disastrous 10 mistakes in web design. Stay conscious about avoiding these mistakes. Your website stands out from the competition.

  • Failing to link your social networking profiles:

It would matter you have Instagram page with tons of photos when you don’t feature your profile in your website. Linking up your social media profiles helps inflow of viral traffic. Linking those profiles help people go from website to your social media pages.

  • Not clearing up outdated information:

Outdated information is like having viruses planted all over your website. Information that isn’t relevant today has to be removed. Inaccurate, outdated and error filled content cause loss of credibility and your site loses its genuine authority in its niche.

  • Lack of adequate contact information:

Any site that lacks adequate contact information looks shady. Visitors won’t trust it for most part. Brick and Mortar businesses need to mention their postal address in their website. Even better, businesses can link to their location on map.

  • Disabling the back button:

Disabling the back button is an underhand strategy. Desperate site owner disable it and redirect it to undesired location. Even worse, a pop up is sometimes triggered. If you want our opinion, never ever do it. At the end of the day, user gets annoyed and leaves.

  • Not many internal backlinks:

Every page in your website needs some connection to homepage. Isolated islands don’t reflect well on navigation. People who visit a page in your website would want to see more information and native links.

  • Too many fonts and colors:

It is very important to present you site in unified and consistent look. Regardless of tons of fonts and colors in your disposal, don’t favor the variety. Limit yourself to three fonts and colors per page.

  • Poor navigation:

Internet is a lot faster these days. If surfing on your website lack genuine pace, your visitors migrate to your competitor’s website. Use a navigation bar on top or left, if your website contains too many pages. Use a site map and cash in on its SEO benefits too.

  • Utter slow loading speed:

There is no excuse for this. You cannot have slow load times. It is not a compromise to be made for tons of features too. As a rule of thumb, make your site load completely in four seconds or less. Adhering to this rule can make the visitors stay stuck to your site.

  • Promoting broken links:

Broken links do nothing upon clicked or direct visitors to 404 error page. It is the bane of any internet surfer. Test your website periodically for broken links. With the amount of tools and plugins available, you can schedule tests for broken links.

  • Opening multiple windows at once:

Opening up too many windows when people visit your website takes up too much of the system resources. It slows computer response and annoys the visitor. It’s too tempting of a tool to be used. We advise you strongly against it. Users can open new links and tabs at their will in multi tabbed browsing available today.

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